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Music Events on the Amalfi Coast.
Musicians for special occasions and weddings.

In any occasion such as a ceremony or a special moment, music will always make a significant difference . When the atmosphere is tinged with the melody of a musical accompaniment by Piero Flauto and his musician friends, every occasion becomes unforgettable. The cleverness and the skill with which they master their instruments and the joy they carry wherever they go, will be the soundtrack of your most memorable moments. The songs suggested range from classical Italian, international and Neapolitan music. You can also request only one voice component and guitar or the entire band with various sound accompaniments. Their wide repertoire adapts beautifully to every circumstance: music for weddings, anniversaries, festivals, music for dinners and evenings of entertainment in hotels and restaurants, piano bar music and music for romantic serenades.

Music for Marriage.

Music for Events.


Music for church weddings.
Music for events.
Piano Bar for Hotels on the Amalfi Coast.

Singer & Music Group for civil and religious weddings on the Amalfi Coast.

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Singer & Music Groups for festivals, birthdays and romantic dinners on boat.

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Singer & Music Group for live music and piano bar evenings in hotels and restaurants.

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Customer Reviews.

Musical Repertoire.

Romantic Neapolitan songs.
Music on the Amalfi Coast.
Musician reviews on the Amalfi Coast.

Singer & Music Group for marriage proposals with songs and serenades of love.

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The success of public reviews dedicated to Piero Flauto and his musician friends.

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Piero Flauto presents the best of Italian, international and Neapolitan music.

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Piero Flauto and his musician friends perform in any location of the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento peninsula, where there are outstanding views of Amalfi, Positano, Ravello and Sorrento. So much scenic beauty is a constant source of inspiration for their style of performances and love for music. With local artistic roots their passion for music will always express itself in their live songs. If you are looking for the perfect background music for your occasion, contact us!

Performance & Musical Styles.
Typical instruments and international songs.

Guitar, spanish-harmonious rhythms and chords.

Mandolin, the typical sound of Naples and Southern Italy.

The composition of the multi-talented group of Piero Flauto and his musician friends gives the opportunity to make the combination of music fit with what reflects the mood of your event. The voice of Piero Flauto, with his inseparable guitar can be combined with mandolin, an additional female voice, a percussion or a performance of Neapolitan tarantella. Also, the variety of repertoire allows the participation of any instrument.

The guitar and the Neapolitan mandolin are the ideal solution to recreate a typical romantic atmosphere and at the same time, lively. The singing talent of Piero, the guitar and the unmistakable sound of the mandolin, will be a magical and unforgettable experience.

Elegant melodies for timeless songs.

Electronic Keyboards, fun sounds for dancing.

The piano is the soul of musical entertainment for typical piano bar evenings in hotels, lounges, gardens, terraces and on the sea. Depending on your preference, you can choose a performance of Italian or international piano bar and maybe additional instruments to be combined to the musical choice selected in your programme.

Electronic keyboards lend a cheerful touch to any international party or reception. Again, the musical lineup ranges from Italian, classic Neapolitan, international, dance, pop, and Latin American music. The environment is colored with joy and it is impossible not to get carried away by the music and let go in fun group dances.

Accordion, ethnic folk melody rhythms.

Percussion, the rythym of tammorra and concas.

The accordion is an instrument which with its particular stamp is able to recreate the beautiful ethnic atmosphere. It's always been considered the symbol of folk dances but over the years, with the respective technical developments, its tone has reached the right sound to accompany even the most traditional instruments and to compose pieces that range from modern to jazz.

The percussion instruments have addictive rhythm and typical sounds of the Mediterranean that are able to capture everyone's attention. The traditional drums, the concas and the Neapolitan tammorras are synonymous with vivacity and good mood. A bubbly atmosphere to entertain guests.

Songs for Ceremonies?
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